Thursday May 9th. Final day….

Today team 8 compiled our final project. It was fun and a little sad. Reminded me of the feeling you get that last day of school. I wish everyone in Group 8 and the class continued success in their classes and endeavors. This has been an eye opening class. Professor Abel did a great job!


Tuesday May 7th

Tuesday was the day we went over our ruff drafts. Team 8 was really on it. It’s incredible how much we really need to analyze the way consumers use the web. A lot of thought goes into things on the marketers side. This is eye opening. Fun times with getting rooms revamped they are great.

Everything Target

I love Target. That bullseye is a good symbol to have. Red is one of the top advertising colors. Target baby is a great area of the store I find my self in a lot. As well as the boys department, the home department, toys department, outdoor, electronics, and grocery departments. I am a mom, and one day I actually sat and googled wet wipes. I wanted to know who had the best bang for the buck. I found that Target had 780 for under 14$. To top this off they are even sensitive. Great Buy. I have bought DVDs, CDs, Towels, diapers, clothes, medical things, all great things. My brother loves the book area. The quality at Target is good. My looking at this is one of our teammates looked up shoppers. She found that 20s-41 females are the most common shoppers for Target. We are looking into all that Target has on their pages and seeing how they can go a step behind. It’s coo Kevin has a “Target Cares” Facebook page he would like to see happen. We are looking more into how shoppers use the web and seeing what data we can come up with. I can’t believe this is the last weekend before the end of the semester. Crazy how fast time goes.

Tues may 1st

Today we met in class to discuss our project. It’s exciting working with this team. It’s funny all this world wide web and how anyone can monitor you. Team 8 has been looking into the audience for who shops at Target more. Trying to get a better look into the minds of customers who may be shopping their. In looking at the media Walmart had 28 million likes and updated their page almost hourly. I posted on their page about their products being mostly from China. Within 8 hours I had a reply. Walmart says that in the next ten years they are going to bring in 50 BILLION $$$ in U.S.A. made items!!! That is a good thing going on there and they are going to help the jobs and economy by doing this. I have to wonder if 10 years from now it will all have happened. JC Penny had 3 million likes, I know they just started a new campaign in January, but why so few likes? They may need to look at their social media. Target is going pretty strong. They post daily and are current and relevant in their content. They care about education, I actually saw a commercial for it the other day. I am now working more on researching more in to the pre engagement and post engagement principals with Target.

Project 3… engage….

Group is in full swing for it’s final project. Project 3. We have divided all of the roles and I am going to monitor how the competitors Wal-Mart and JC Penny are using the web and social media. JC Penny in the past year has decided to go with a Square and slash prices on clothes. They are trying to match Walmart. I find it interesting the commercials where they compare a pair of designer jeans and then the same jeans at their price on a different model. JC Penny rocked the Oscars with it’s 100 years ad. I have always loved them out at West County Center. Great baby clothes area. Love the portrait studio as well. Wal-Mart is not as good on quality. I had a pair of jeans lasted me 4 years, then Wal-Mart had a pair last me 8 months. Wal-Mart has low low prices. Their quality is not always the best. I am looking forward to researching more into the two of these companies.  Great project! Team 8 …Engage…..

tues 23 April

Today in class we broke up into our groups. We planned out who was going to prepare what part. Group 8 is pretty awesome. We all did our parts and came together ready for Thursday. I like looking at the social media in as for a business view instead of as for entertainment. Prior to this class it was always more just to socialize. Our book is very good and packed with information. Our professor is knowledgeable and interesting. This is a good class.

Blog for Tuesday the 16th.

I was looking at Target on LinkedIn on Monday they have a pretty cool site. There was a really sweet Target rap song an artist did and shot the video with his cell phone. I also saw good links to other things such as David Beckham’s cologne and him in a store presenting it as someone else. Many funny things and some others to help better yourself. The corporate people are doing their part to ask and get feedback as to are they doing their job well. Love learning about in this social media class. It’s helping me to navigate sites I never went on. Though when it comes to Instagram and Target it’s easier to do from my cell phone. And I am not even sure how to search Instagram on my laptop for researching Target. This is a challenge and I am going to seek help, anyone got any advice for this? Thanks for any help, Carol