Tues may 1st

Today we met in class to discuss our project. It’s exciting working with this team. It’s funny all this world wide web and how anyone can monitor you. Team 8 has been looking into the audience for who shops at Target more. Trying to get a better look into the minds of customers who may be shopping their. In looking at the media Walmart had 28 million likes and updated their page almost hourly. I posted on their page about their products being mostly from China. Within 8 hours I had a reply. Walmart says that in the next ten years they are going to bring in 50 BILLION $$$ in U.S.A. made items!!! That is a good thing going on there and they are going to help the jobs and economy by doing this. I have to wonder if 10 years from now it will all have happened. JC Penny had 3 million likes, I know they just started a new campaign in January, but why so few likes? They may need to look at their social media. Target is going pretty strong. They post daily and are current and relevant in their content. They care about education, I actually saw a commercial for it the other day. I am now working more on researching more in to the pre engagement and post engagement principals with Target.


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