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One thing very important to a company is social media and the first step is listening. Listening is a very good point if you think about it. We do it with marriage, with children, and with any person we have a relationship with. According to socal media Listening is having a conversation online. Companies need to have focus groups, review blogs, other social media sties and such. They need to have a person or a company they can hire to keep track of the online chatter about them. I am enjoying this class. Though there are many blogs out there, I never really got on to many of them. About one that I know of. I also have a friend on Face book who is really good about communicating. She has a page for her plastics business she runs from home and another who talks about being a Mom. Motrin and Moms really should have done a focus group and thought more before following through with their foul up. Listen is a key to fiding out what the consumner wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. It can be a lifeline for a business.


World wide open

This class is great! I found it interesting just how huge blogs are. The number out there in the world filling out the cyber space. Someone can have just a small blog on the vas net, and make a huge impact. A spark to a flame. The good examples in class with the DVD codes and Digg, the GM ” Fast Lane” blog, and the “Go Dard Day” that killed the PIPA and SOPA acts. I love being able to research a product and look at the reviews before making a purchase. Social media has such a huge impact! People can learn so much on the internet as well. We learned about the different sites ( that have been coming and going. I never thought much about what has been and all the new ones that are replacing them. There seems to always be one to replace one, like MySpace and Facebook. Facebook is constantly working to stay in the now. They have instagram now, as well as you can sync it to many other things. Even opening this account on Word press they asked if I wanted my blog posts shared on Facebook  and Twitter. Corporations and businesses need to be in the media as print forms are a dying age. Newspapers and magazines are in decline these days. Blogs are people communicating online. People do lots of searches through different engines. It’s just a matter of learning to listen and use the social media out there as effective tools.

This intro post is just the beginning.

I am writing this blog to journal what I am learning in the exciting world of social media. I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the lessons in my class. I think this semester is going to be a fun one as we learn more about the different social medias and how to use them.  Blogging is new to me and fun so far. My career goal is mainly to graduate with a degree in Communications and a certificate in Public Relations. I was in the USAF for nine years and would like to transfer that time over to a government job. I am interested in working a GS position of Public Affairs on an Air Force base. When I was in the service my job was Security Forces. I did police work and protected base personal in buildings as well as on base. I look forward to helping the others and being a servant whenever I can. I am Mom of 2, my son Jonathan is 9 and my daughter, Arabella is 20 months.  I enjoy spending time with my kids, reading, scrap booking, movies, shopping, and going out with friends.  I do Creative Memories for scrap booking and signed up to be in the Ad Corps last semester. I graduated from Hazelwood West in 1998. In the winter after graduation I left for basic training. My first base was Iceland. I loved it! Greenland is Ice and Iceland is nice is a good saying. I then served at Scott AFB, IL and Patrick AFB, FL. In July of 2009 I moved back home with my parents, and in fall of 2009 I started my journey of college at Florissant Valley, and then in the spring of 2012 I came to UMSL. I am trying to graduate UMSL in December.