Everything Target

I love Target. That bullseye is a good symbol to have. Red is one of the top advertising colors. Target baby is a great area of the store I find my self in a lot. As well as the boys department, the home department, toys department, outdoor, electronics, and grocery departments. I am a mom, and one day I actually sat and googled wet wipes. I wanted to know who had the best bang for the buck. I found that Target had 780 for under 14$. To top this off they are even sensitive. Great Buy. I have bought DVDs, CDs, Towels, diapers, clothes, medical things, all great things. My brother loves the book area. The quality at Target is good. My looking at this is one of our teammates looked up shoppers. She found that 20s-41 females are the most common shoppers for Target. We are looking into all that Target has on their pages and seeing how they can go a step behind. It’s coo Kevin has a “Target Cares” Facebook page he would like to see happen. We are looking more into how shoppers use the web and seeing what data we can come up with. I can’t believe this is the last weekend before the end of the semester. Crazy how fast time goes.


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