Blog for 18 April

LinkedIn is coming along. I have one listing under the site for them and am looking for 3 more. today in class we discussed our group project. I am going to be helping with the conclusions answering some questions. Doing a social media audit is interesting as you are only focusing on the social media when it comes to actually writing the audit. Though you are looking over everything that the brand or company does. I love this class and learning about the many different things I had no idea about before taking it. This is the good part of the hands on learning and gaining experience. Team 8 is a well organized crew that gets the work done and communicates with it’s members via email or cell as needed. Target is a great store. I love the Red card and how it acts like your debit card, only it saves you 5% off every purchase. Not like some stores where it saves the initial like 15% and then a little here and there. For better quality I choose Target over Walmart. 


One response to “Blog for 18 April”

  1. Meredith Rolen says :

    Working on the conclusion, eh? I am working on the history part, the one where you summarize the company and what it does. It was kind of the last thing to be dealt out, but I was happy to have it. Hope your conclusions go well for you. Wish me luck with my summarizing the NFL!

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