Cardinal Nation

Group one was my first group in the group project on Tuesday this week were going to use Google Analytics to look for words like “Saint Louis Cardinal’s Champions”, “Fred Bird”. Cardinal Nation”,”World Series Champions”, and “Cardinal’s Opening Day”. Were going to break it down to where each person took a part, Anna was on Pinterest, Cierra was on Twitter and Instagram, I was on Blogs and discovery, etc. The Cardinals are a beloved team in Saint Louis. This would have been a good research project. We are now working on different project groups and my new one is also pretty fun. I love looking into the social media world and seeing how brands and companies are using it!


3 responses to “Cardinal Nation”

  1. reginajames says :

    I know it was a little bit of an adjustment switching to a different group and taking on a new brand to audit but it is great that you got to do another brand that you think you’ll enjoy. I agree that the cardinals would have been a great brand to audit. They are a very visible brand which probably means they are very active on social media as well. One of the things I love and appreciate about the Cardinals is their involvement in supporting community initatives through the Cardinals Care foundation. This effort alone probably would have brought back some favorable expressions from their adoring public. With this project being perfectly timed with the open of the 2013 baseball season I’m sure this would have been a great brand to audit…especially with all the live time social media activity that is sure to come from this year’s fans.

    I hope your new brand/company is just as exciting. Happy auditing!

  2. Meredith Rolen says :

    I was at the game yesterday for my b-day, I bet there were a ton of people posting about how awesome the cards were doing!!!! Too bad that you can’t actually see people personal posts on private Facebook accounts, because I bet you would see a ton of comments that are cardinals related! Go Cards!

  3. Nicole LaVallee says :

    I’m sorry that team 8 stole you from team 1. It looked like you were ready to go on the Cardinals. I hope that you hadn’t started to research to much but I think you will fit into our group and have fun. On the other hand I think that yes the Cardinals are a loved part of St. Louise. I don’t even like baseball but I will still stop and see who is winning when the Cardinals are playing. This would have been a very interesting paper to read, but I think that another team is also doing the Cardinals. It would have been nice to compare the two papers.

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