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Today in class we talked about “discussing”. We took a look at a site called Tivo community blog. There are other sites such as Orange Power and Broadband. These sites are helpful for people to communicate in when they may be having a problem. Others may have had the same problem and may be able to shed some light on the issue. With sites like Broadband, people can do the same thing. Users can post they are having trouble with their cable. Then a representative from the company may be monitoring the site and contact them. The site Broad band has an authorized list for some users of the companies. This is good to make sure they are authorized people who are on a list with the company, and that they are legit.

Discussing is a good way to listen, monitor, and observe. It’s also good for enduring and honesty in some ways. Customers may be discussing a bad experience they have had with your cable company. You endure through the negative complaints, and work to help the customers solve the problem. It shows they clients that you have an honest and caring staff.


Four Square and Groupon…

Today we had a guest speaker Meredith from Weber Shandwick. She discussed discovering and Foursquare   and Groupon. Before having a guest speaker and spending a day with and informing presentation on monitoring I had no idea about these sites. This was another eye opening class up there with learning to use Google analytics and Google Alerts to monitor the web. I’ve often seen the posts on Facebook with people checking into places. Sometimes even their houses! I would think to myself why do I care where people are, posting it is pointless. Then Thursday’s class hit me. WOW, this is an incredible tool. You can see where people go and use that towards your marketing.

Meredith said, “Understand social media not what it is, but how it works.” I only knew what these sites were, but not the amazing things they can do for one’s business. Companies and businesses can observe and discover where customers or consumers are going. They can then use it to help bring new products to them. With Foursquare you can check in to a business like Bread Co, your friends will know where you are, and businesses can see who else is in the same place.  Then you have a competition added when you consider the  “Mayor” of places. The “Mayor” is the number one guest. Businesses offer perks to the one person who visits the most.  Foursquare is also letting you check into events and events. You may be at the Fox Theater seeing “Wicked”.  Foursquare is not good though for businesses like cable companies, they can’t really do ton with it, but for others it is even giving marketers a demographics on who is going where.  The second thing that worries me about people knowing where you are is security. As they told us in the military, “it’s everyone’s business”. Be sure to make your stuff private so that others are not able to look at the fact that you are not home.

Groupon is like Sam’s Club on the internet.  It can be great for a company to get publicity and let others know they are out there. It’s good for businesses to follow up. They are going to receive demographics and be able to send surveys to people who have visited their business.  In using Groupon be safe, some businesses are offering deals and in meeting them they are going bankrupt. Be careful what deals you are offering to the mass of audience on the internet. These sites are now something I can see myself using one day for  a job in Public Relations or Marketing.

Beware you’re being watched….. Monitoring Social Media Sites

Today in class we discussed monitoring. We had a speaker today discuss the many ways the internet can be monitored. It really opened my mind. Social media is a way to get the word out. Now we learn also that it is a great way to monitor what is being said on the internet. Social media or online sites where people converse, is where we can understand our audience.  We discussed LOCI the pre engagement principals to developing a social media campaign. Listen is one of them. Earlier we had someone tell us about Reddit. It is more a social site that is not used to get the word out, but rather to monitor the word. Companies can join companies such as Google Analytics, Bitly, Google Alerts, Net deck, or Tweet deck.

Tweet deck is only used on twitter for monitoring.  In Google Alerts, you use it by picking a search word, brand, company, etc and it will notify you as you often as you choose. You may choose to be alerted hourly, daily, or weekly. You can have them sent to a different email address than you sign up for or even set it up as an RSS feed.

Bitly can track who shares a link and how many times it is shared. It is awesome in that you may have a link you want to share. We all know Twitter is only 140 characters right. Well you are going to want to make them count. Bitly will turn any URL in a shortened link!!! It is great for tracking about things like who is engaging and talking about the link you posted.

Face to Face redefined

Facebook is a great way to find people from you past. It’s also a great way to keep in contact with family and friends. People can post events and pictures. They are not limited to 140 characters a post, but not able to write a novel either. It is like the cyber pony express; you join and get an email address through face book. Then you can write emails and send photos to others. You can also chat with family and friends all over. It’s a great way to get the word out on a business, like Target or Alex’s Lemonade Stands. Keep in mind that likes on a page, doesn’t necessarily mean they are a fan of the page.  It tells you how many people like a page for a business or hobby. Company or brand pages get likes, followers, or fans. A personal page does not operate like that. You can monitor the activity on pages by seeing how many friends they have and how many have commented on a post.  

Linked In is the professional form of Facebook. I have a page that I just updated after this class. I don’t get on it often.  Linked In is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise. It is a good way to have a social network to help you find a job. People may approve or endorse you saying they vouch that you do know about a topic or job. You have to watch who you connect with to be sure you know that person. As well you want to make sure you know they are not out to harm you by distributing negative things about you. Companies are also on Linked In. Social Networking is a great  way to get the word out and free in most cases!

Don’t just keep it…..Share it!

What do Flicker, Picasa, Instagram, you tube and vimeo all have in common? They are used for sharing. We discussed sharing in class today. These are like blogs for your pictures and videos. On these sites people can share pictures such as their five year old’s birthday party or a video of their daughter’s ballet recital. Or in the case of Justin Beiber (come on you know that was coming up) he posted a video and it went viral. My cousin was one of the girls thrilled with the 14 year old boy on youtube saying “he’s so freaking cute!”  This is just one of the many videos that is out there and goes everywhere, such as the things babies do or even pets. These sites make it easier to get your tallent out or to share your creative eye with the lense. Who will be the next big thing? What do you do? Share it?                                                                                                                                                                        On instagram it’s the case where a picture says a thousand words. Companies  People can take pictures and upload them. In digital age its a way for people to save their pictures from their phones as well as to share. In using my cell phone I have been grateful for the uploading and sharing. There are times I have ran into problems with my cell phone and lost pictures, whew! Thankfully I had already shared them with the web.                                                                                                                                                                                             With You Tube you have channels. I even have a channel. I don’t get on it as often as I should though. With You Tube you can like or dislike a video or channel. Also there are some channels  that use “integration” such as AMC, they can take you to their Facebook and Twitter pages as we discussed in class. Then we discussed how Pampers You Tube site is actually like a mini website the way the company has designed it. You can do all sorts of the things to personalize pages to how you are are or what you want to say. So get out there and start SHARING!!!

Put a pin in it…

Today we learned about curating and technologies in class. We had a speaker from Weber Shandwick. She discussed Reddit and Pinterest with us. Reddit is a great tool to help you share things that may be important to you, and is also a great way to build to community and chatting about topics. Posts are usually going to be short on Reddit. It’s mainly used to have discussions about topics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It’s not really used to reach out to audiences so much as it is used to monitor. Companies “listen:” to what the chatter is and uses that in their businesses to help them.  Reddit can have a awesome thing happen once every blue moon, like with the Aurora shooting when a Reddit poster decided to gather all the facts to a page for other to see. Several users on Reddit were posting and fact checking began. Though it is not really used so much a fact checking tool. It is more used for reaching out and personal entertainment. Reddit isn’t something I have used much. This was sadly to say my first exposure to Reddit. I find this tool for communication to be a tad confusing, but as my professor at Florissant Valley used to say about technology, “you can’t be afraid of new technology out there. You’ve got to learn and grow.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Next we discussed Pinterest. I also had never used this form of social media. I like that it is primarily based on pictures. You may find things you like and want to get back to later, put a pin in it. That is to say create a page, a post that picture by pinning it on to your board. In learning about Pinterest, I found that it is simple and has a fresh and easy feeling to it. We discussed the U.S. Army page and the history pictures posted there. Then we discussed the Panera page and the Pork page. Like Reddit the social media site Pinterest is primarily used as a monitoring or “listening” tool. Companies can monitor by the users pins and re pins. Sort of like the posts and shares of Facebook or the Twitter and re tweets. Pinterest is great for curating or collecting a bunch of pictures. I have even seen Pinterest pictures shared as projects on Facebook. I had a friend Becca; she got an idea off Pinterest. She did it on a wall in her home and loved it! Then she took a pic of the project to face book and shared the idea pic, and her after pic. Pictures these days are more digitally taken and uploaded. Pinterest is a great way to share!

Extra Extra tweet all about it!


Hey everyone! Let’s talk about Twitter today. This is another great way to share little things, websites, blogs, images on You Tube, and opinions. There is only one thing about this micro blogging that may be a turn off to you; you will have to say it in 140 characters or less. When sharing your short messages, you are not going to be archiving them on here; the main thing with microblogs is focusing on the here and now.

Organizations use Twitter, we had a speaker from Panera, or in Saint Louis it’s just know by the original name that started it all. The Saint Louis Bread Company. She discussed with us Twitter. Before this class I didn’t really know much about Twitter. You can add a back ground picture to you page. This is awesome if you own a business! In their case they like to put up pictures of the new items on the menu that month. With Twitter there are also great contests to wing things, which help with advertizing and getting the word out about a business. As I learned a long time ago in direct marketing, word of mouth is the most efficient and credible way to get positive business out.

In using Twitter you can add widgets to help others find you on other sites. By then clicking a link you would get to that businesses Face book page for example. One of the great ways to help socialize events and television shows now is Twitter. With hash tags it can help companies searching for all posts related to for instance, The Grammys. L.L. Cool J was saying throughout the night to post on Twitter and hash tag it, #, The Grammys. This will help companies out there to see who is talking about The Grammys.