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Project 3… engage….

Group is in full swing for it’s final project. Project 3. We have divided all of the roles and I am going to monitor how the competitors Wal-Mart and JC Penny are using the web and social media. JC Penny in the past year has decided to go with a Square and slash prices on clothes. They are trying to match Walmart. I find it interesting the commercials where they compare a pair of designer jeans and then the same jeans at their price on a different model. JC Penny rocked the Oscars with it’s 100 years ad. I have always loved them out at West County Center. Great baby clothes area. Love the portrait studio as well. Wal-Mart is not as good on quality. I had a pair of jeans lasted me 4 years, then Wal-Mart had a pair last me 8 months. Wal-Mart has low low prices. Their quality is not always the best. I am looking forward to researching more into the two of these companies.  Great project! Team 8 …Engage…..


tues 23 April

Today in class we broke up into our groups. We planned out who was going to prepare what part. Group 8 is pretty awesome. We all did our parts and came together ready for Thursday. I like looking at the social media in as for a business view instead of as for entertainment. Prior to this class it was always more just to socialize. Our book is very good and packed with information. Our professor is knowledgeable and interesting. This is a good class.

Blog for Tuesday the 16th.

I was looking at Target on LinkedIn on Monday they have a pretty cool site. There was a really sweet Target rap song an artist did and shot the video with his cell phone. I also saw good links to other things such as David Beckham’s cologne and him in a store presenting it as someone else. Many funny things and some others to help better yourself. The corporate people are doing their part to ask and get feedback as to are they doing their job well. Love learning about in this social media class. It’s helping me to navigate sites I never went on. Though when it comes to Instagram and Target it’s easier to do from my cell phone. And I am not even sure how to search Instagram on my laptop for researching Target. This is a challenge and I am going to seek help, anyone got any advice for this? Thanks for any help, Carol

Blog for 18 April

LinkedIn is coming along. I have one listing under the site for them and am looking for 3 more. today in class we discussed our group project. I am going to be helping with the conclusions answering some questions. Doing a social media audit is interesting as you are only focusing on the social media when it comes to actually writing the audit. Though you are looking over everything that the brand or company does. I love this class and learning about the many different things I had no idea about before taking it. This is the good part of the hands on learning and gaining experience. Team 8 is a well organized crew that gets the work done and communicates with it’s members via email or cell as needed. Target is a great store. I love the Red card and how it acts like your debit card, only it saves you 5% off every purchase. Not like some stores where it saves the initial like 15% and then a little here and there. For better quality I choose Target over Walmart. 

Cardinal Nation

Group one was my first group in the group project on Tuesday this week were going to use Google Analytics to look for words like “Saint Louis Cardinal’s Champions”, “Fred Bird”. Cardinal Nation”,”World Series Champions”, and “Cardinal’s Opening Day”. Were going to break it down to where each person took a part, Anna was on Pinterest, Cierra was on Twitter and Instagram, I was on Blogs and discovery, etc. The Cardinals are a beloved team in Saint Louis. This would have been a good research project. We are now working on different project groups and my new one is also pretty fun. I love looking into the social media world and seeing how brands and companies are using it!

individual class case analysis

My individual case analysis was over AT&Ts campaign to stop texting and driving. It was a thoroughly done campaign reached several people through many different websites. Talking and texting is worse than driving drunk! It was featured on an episode of “Glee” where Gwen was driving and picked up her phone and then was hit as she passed an intersection. Her character survived in the show, but there are some who are not as blessed. The AT&T campaign used social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, conducting give a-aways, using TV  ads, and having shows discuss it. It was a successful campaign . This was a fun project.


In class we are doing group projects, I am working in group 8 now which is doing a case analysis of Target. My assignment is LinkedIn. I at first would not have thought much of a page for them on there. Target is huge and everywhere though. They have over 177,000 followers on this media. Can’t wait to find out more using Netvibes and Google Analysis, first I will need the key search words. Research and looking this up can be fun.