Project 3… engage….

Group is in full swing for it’s final project. Project 3. We have divided all of the roles and I am going to monitor how the competitors Wal-Mart and JC Penny are using the web and social media. JC Penny in the past year has decided to go with a Square and slash prices on clothes. They are trying to match Walmart. I find it interesting the commercials where they compare a pair of designer jeans and then the same jeans at their price on a different model. JC Penny rocked the Oscars with it’s 100 years ad. I have always loved them out at West County Center. Great baby clothes area. Love the portrait studio as well. Wal-Mart is not as good on quality. I had a pair of jeans lasted me 4 years, then Wal-Mart had a pair last me 8 months. Wal-Mart has low low prices. Their quality is not always the best. I am looking forward to researching more into the two of these companies.  Great project! Team 8 …Engage…..


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