Blog for Tuesday the 16th.

I was looking at Target on LinkedIn on Monday they have a pretty cool site. There was a really sweet Target rap song an artist did and shot the video with his cell phone. I also saw good links to other things such as David Beckham’s cologne and him in a store presenting it as someone else. Many funny things and some others to help better yourself. The corporate people are doing their part to ask and get feedback as to are they doing their job well. Love learning about in this social media class. It’s helping me to navigate sites I never went on. Though when it comes to Instagram and Target it’s easier to do from my cell phone. And I am not even sure how to search Instagram on my laptop for researching Target. This is a challenge and I am going to seek help, anyone got any advice for this? Thanks for any help, Carol


2 responses to “Blog for Tuesday the 16th.”

  1. Nicole LaVallee says :

    Instagram is a hard one. You were right to stick to Linked In but you could also try to go to a YouTube site instead. That or you can try another site that we have not covered in team 8. Our group doesn’t have anything on YouTube. I really liked the Target Rap and I think you are on to something by looking at what other people outside of Target are saying about Target. if you need any help with YouTube I can help but I have no idea about Instagram. I had a hard time even learning how to set up an account. If there is anything you need feel free to text me.

  2. Meredith Rolen says :

    I know I am not in your group, but gee golly I just love Target so much, and I can’t find my group mates blogs because they never emailed it out. Oh well, I would rather talk about target anyway. I have been on targets linked in site, the target booth at the recent UMSL job fair led me there. It was very interesting and all the employees that work there that pop up were very plentiful. I know a lot of people shop there ,but how interesting to look at how many people actually work there! Now all we need is a page for people that shoplift there and we will complete the trinity!

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