tues 23 April

Today in class we broke up into our groups. We planned out who was going to prepare what part. Group 8 is pretty awesome. We all did our parts and came together ready for Thursday. I like looking at the social media in as for a business view instead of as for entertainment. Prior to this class it was always more just to socialize. Our book is very good and packed with information. Our professor is knowledgeable and interesting. This is a good class.


One response to “tues 23 April”

  1. Meredith Rolen says :

    I agree with what you said about liking this class because you get to explore more than just the entertainment side of social media. It was easy for me to just navigate my phone and only think about certain aspects of the media I was using, but now when I use my phone, I also think about all the steps that the company took to offer this. For example, this morning I bought a groupon for Bath& Body Shop. Before I would just think yes! I get to get more of my favorite foundation! But today, I thought hmm, I guess someone high up at the Body Shop thought that using Groupon to increase sales and awareness would be a great idea!!! – Meredith Rolen

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