Four Square and Groupon…

Today we had a guest speaker Meredith from Weber Shandwick. She discussed discovering and Foursquare   and Groupon. Before having a guest speaker and spending a day with and informing presentation on monitoring I had no idea about these sites. This was another eye opening class up there with learning to use Google analytics and Google Alerts to monitor the web. I’ve often seen the posts on Facebook with people checking into places. Sometimes even their houses! I would think to myself why do I care where people are, posting it is pointless. Then Thursday’s class hit me. WOW, this is an incredible tool. You can see where people go and use that towards your marketing.

Meredith said, “Understand social media not what it is, but how it works.” I only knew what these sites were, but not the amazing things they can do for one’s business. Companies and businesses can observe and discover where customers or consumers are going. They can then use it to help bring new products to them. With Foursquare you can check in to a business like Bread Co, your friends will know where you are, and businesses can see who else is in the same place.  Then you have a competition added when you consider the  “Mayor” of places. The “Mayor” is the number one guest. Businesses offer perks to the one person who visits the most.  Foursquare is also letting you check into events and events. You may be at the Fox Theater seeing “Wicked”.  Foursquare is not good though for businesses like cable companies, they can’t really do ton with it, but for others it is even giving marketers a demographics on who is going where.  The second thing that worries me about people knowing where you are is security. As they told us in the military, “it’s everyone’s business”. Be sure to make your stuff private so that others are not able to look at the fact that you are not home.

Groupon is like Sam’s Club on the internet.  It can be great for a company to get publicity and let others know they are out there. It’s good for businesses to follow up. They are going to receive demographics and be able to send surveys to people who have visited their business.  In using Groupon be safe, some businesses are offering deals and in meeting them they are going bankrupt. Be careful what deals you are offering to the mass of audience on the internet. These sites are now something I can see myself using one day for  a job in Public Relations or Marketing.


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