Today in class we talked about “discussing”. We took a look at a site called Tivo community blog. There are other sites such as Orange Power and Broadband. These sites are helpful for people to communicate in when they may be having a problem. Others may have had the same problem and may be able to shed some light on the issue. With sites like Broadband, people can do the same thing. Users can post they are having trouble with their cable. Then a representative from the company may be monitoring the site and contact them. The site Broad band has an authorized list for some users of the companies. This is good to make sure they are authorized people who are on a list with the company, and that they are legit.

Discussing is a good way to listen, monitor, and observe. It’s also good for enduring and honesty in some ways. Customers may be discussing a bad experience they have had with your cable company. You endure through the negative complaints, and work to help the customers solve the problem. It shows they clients that you have an honest and caring staff.


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