Beware you’re being watched….. Monitoring Social Media Sites

Today in class we discussed monitoring. We had a speaker today discuss the many ways the internet can be monitored. It really opened my mind. Social media is a way to get the word out. Now we learn also that it is a great way to monitor what is being said on the internet. Social media or online sites where people converse, is where we can understand our audience.  We discussed LOCI the pre engagement principals to developing a social media campaign. Listen is one of them. Earlier we had someone tell us about Reddit. It is more a social site that is not used to get the word out, but rather to monitor the word. Companies can join companies such as Google Analytics, Bitly, Google Alerts, Net deck, or Tweet deck.

Tweet deck is only used on twitter for monitoring.  In Google Alerts, you use it by picking a search word, brand, company, etc and it will notify you as you often as you choose. You may choose to be alerted hourly, daily, or weekly. You can have them sent to a different email address than you sign up for or even set it up as an RSS feed.

Bitly can track who shares a link and how many times it is shared. It is awesome in that you may have a link you want to share. We all know Twitter is only 140 characters right. Well you are going to want to make them count. Bitly will turn any URL in a shortened link!!! It is great for tracking about things like who is engaging and talking about the link you posted.


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