Put a pin in it…

Today we learned about curating and technologies in class. We had a speaker from Weber Shandwick. She discussed Reddit and Pinterest with us. Reddit is a great tool to help you share things that may be important to you, and is also a great way to build to community and chatting about topics. Posts are usually going to be short on Reddit. It’s mainly used to have discussions about topics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It’s not really used to reach out to audiences so much as it is used to monitor. Companies “listen:” to what the chatter is and uses that in their businesses to help them.  Reddit can have a awesome thing happen once every blue moon, like with the Aurora shooting when a Reddit poster decided to gather all the facts to a page for other to see. Several users on Reddit were posting and fact checking began. Though it is not really used so much a fact checking tool. It is more used for reaching out and personal entertainment. Reddit isn’t something I have used much. This was sadly to say my first exposure to Reddit. I find this tool for communication to be a tad confusing, but as my professor at Florissant Valley used to say about technology, “you can’t be afraid of new technology out there. You’ve got to learn and grow.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Next we discussed Pinterest. I also had never used this form of social media. I like that it is primarily based on pictures. You may find things you like and want to get back to later, put a pin in it. That is to say create a page, a post that picture by pinning it on to your board. In learning about Pinterest, I found that it is simple and has a fresh and easy feeling to it. We discussed the U.S. Army page and the history pictures posted there. Then we discussed the Panera page and the Pork page. Like Reddit the social media site Pinterest is primarily used as a monitoring or “listening” tool. Companies can monitor by the users pins and re pins. Sort of like the posts and shares of Facebook or the Twitter and re tweets. Pinterest is great for curating or collecting a bunch of pictures. I have even seen Pinterest pictures shared as projects on Facebook. I had a friend Becca; she got an idea off Pinterest. She did it on a wall in her home and loved it! Then she took a pic of the project to face book and shared the idea pic, and her after pic. Pictures these days are more digitally taken and uploaded. Pinterest is a great way to share!


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