Don’t just keep it…..Share it!

What do Flicker, Picasa, Instagram, you tube and vimeo all have in common? They are used for sharing. We discussed sharing in class today. These are like blogs for your pictures and videos. On these sites people can share pictures such as their five year old’s birthday party or a video of their daughter’s ballet recital. Or in the case of Justin Beiber (come on you know that was coming up) he posted a video and it went viral. My cousin was one of the girls thrilled with the 14 year old boy on youtube saying “he’s so freaking cute!”  This is just one of the many videos that is out there and goes everywhere, such as the things babies do or even pets. These sites make it easier to get your tallent out or to share your creative eye with the lense. Who will be the next big thing? What do you do? Share it?                                                                                                                                                                        On instagram it’s the case where a picture says a thousand words. Companies  People can take pictures and upload them. In digital age its a way for people to save their pictures from their phones as well as to share. In using my cell phone I have been grateful for the uploading and sharing. There are times I have ran into problems with my cell phone and lost pictures, whew! Thankfully I had already shared them with the web.                                                                                                                                                                                             With You Tube you have channels. I even have a channel. I don’t get on it as often as I should though. With You Tube you can like or dislike a video or channel. Also there are some channels  that use “integration” such as AMC, they can take you to their Facebook and Twitter pages as we discussed in class. Then we discussed how Pampers You Tube site is actually like a mini website the way the company has designed it. You can do all sorts of the things to personalize pages to how you are are or what you want to say. So get out there and start SHARING!!!


One response to “Don’t just keep it…..Share it!”

  1. reginajames says :

    The sharing sites on social media are the best sites in my opinion. I think its a true way for people to connect but not just on the basis of conversations with words. I love the sharing sites because they give an ear to a more artful form of expression. You mentioned Justin Bieber or maybe Souljah Boy, it’s cool how these platforms gave way to major self expression for them and in-turn became lucrative careers for both. I think I’ve seen some of the most creative pictures ever on Instagram. But what’s really amazing is that all of this is free. When you think of how much it costs to travel to see friends or family and the time and energy it can take to meet new people, these sharing technologies suddenly become a lot more valuable. Great post

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