Extra Extra tweet all about it!


Hey everyone! Let’s talk about Twitter today. This is another great way to share little things, websites, blogs, images on You Tube, and opinions. There is only one thing about this micro blogging that may be a turn off to you; you will have to say it in 140 characters or less. When sharing your short messages, you are not going to be archiving them on here; the main thing with microblogs is focusing on the here and now.

Organizations use Twitter, we had a speaker from Panera, or in Saint Louis it’s just know by the original name that started it all. The Saint Louis Bread Company. She discussed with us Twitter. Before this class I didn’t really know much about Twitter. You can add a back ground picture to you page. This is awesome if you own a business! In their case they like to put up pictures of the new items on the menu that month. With Twitter there are also great contests to wing things, which help with advertizing and getting the word out about a business. As I learned a long time ago in direct marketing, word of mouth is the most efficient and credible way to get positive business out.

In using Twitter you can add widgets to help others find you on other sites. By then clicking a link you would get to that businesses Face book page for example. One of the great ways to help socialize events and television shows now is Twitter. With hash tags it can help companies searching for all posts related to for instance, The Grammys. L.L. Cool J was saying throughout the night to post on Twitter and hash tag it, #, The Grammys. This will help companies out there to see who is talking about The Grammys.


One response to “Extra Extra tweet all about it!”

  1. Nicole LaVallee says :

    Love the title; it grabbed my eye right away. And I’m also very glade that I’m not the only one that hadn’t been on twitter before. While looking on twitter and on the pages I found out you can change the back ground so that everything isn’t all black, that’s my favorite part. I also like the saying that you wrote in your blog “word of mouth is the most efficient and credible way to get positive business out.” This is a really true statement. Even if you are the bust at a business if you have bad comments flowing about just because someone doesn’t like you for you and not the business then it is going to hurt the business.

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