Blogging is a great way to help inform others of issues and to get your opinions out in into the world. There are websites such as Blogger and WordPress that will give you free space to go abut writing a blog.

In blogging pages are where you will write your words. You will be able to use words in your blog that will pop up in the search engine, by using tags. Each page has a URL to help you out with finding your way online. The URL will be used in your posts. You want to keep an eye on your content. Is it relevant to the audience, is it fresh, and is it humorous? Some may be businesses others single parents that are blogging, there are many voices out there. There are many blog pages.

Posts in blogs are all to read about. Each post usually includes the title, date published, and sometimes the author. Some blogs may have hyperlinks in them where they take you to another place on the web. The RSS feeds are great, they are able to take you from one page to another.

In tags you can help others out there looking into topics to come to your page. There is usually a blog set up with the previous blogs in the order they are done, then you may have some widgets on the page, and some tags at the bottom. Widgets are customized by the blogger to make things available to the audience. It is good to watch the metrics like on wordpress. You can see how many people are looking at your blog by going to a page that will have a chart.


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