Post engagement principal # 3 Control….

In class we learned about control. Some companies lose control of their social media sites, others control every little detail that is coming out about their company from employees to the war room. Where is the happy balance in this craziness? Readers don’t want to be bored to sleep reading sites as though drinking a cup of hot cocoa before bed.
Some companies and corporations have blogs out there that they do not really pay attention to. Other companies out there are making everything go through legal departments before seeing cyber space. Three days is like years in social media time. People aka consumers are always going to look at you as though you are in a fishbowl. Everyone is vulnerable with social sites. Consumers are very opinionated, and people may post a response to your blog or Facebook page that you will have to remove or respond to. Cases of which will vary on the response or action taken. Sometimes a company may play along with the negative comments and good may come out for them. When is it right to take that so-called high road?
It was said in class by Professor Able, that “blogs are the back bone of social media their active and opinioned”. In looking at control you must have a “war room” ready to go for your company as you will not ever know what is coming in the future. Social media has cost companies millions of dollars in good ways to develop it for them, or in bad ways to conduct damage control. Endurance is a must as you have to take the good with the bad as Social media isn’t going to fade out in the night anytime soon.


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