Post Engagement Principal #2 Tone

In discussing the post engagement principals we discussed tone in class. We reviewed campaigns such as Mike&Ikes. In reviewing tone on a page you want to make sure the conversation is flowing freely and communication is being done in a comfortable way. You must listen with this principle as well and communicate with your audience to be sure they find what you are discussing is savvy and relatable. You don’t want to come off as phony or disingenuous in your two-way communication with your audience. Companies are responding and posting with integrated blog content and videos through Facebook to help keep base with audience or customers. They are also using gifts and gimmicks to help stick out to people and show that they care. Blogging or talking on a social media website you do not want to use language that doesn’t sound right. A 50-year-old woman is not going to talk about how awesome her night was at Fast Eddies with the words, off the chain, or totally rad man. Social media sites are used to promote products. Converse shoes didn’t have a huge budget and managed to get their likes up on Facebook to more than 15 million likes. Companies can use social media to get their word out about a product or a service they supply. War rooms are needs in any company to help with sites where the tone goes awry. Mc Doanalds was listening to it’s customers who were frequent, however they didn’t anticipate the ones who were not. The ones that were listing bad comments  “adding less than savoury stories” to the #McDStories stream. Then there is the, Facebook post by Mr Neill bemoaning that companies such as Bodyform “lied to him all these years” Body form responded with a video that was rather funny and done by an actress playing the role of the chief executive, Caroline Williams. Companies need to monitor the content and listen to the sites and control a tone. At times they may need to do damage control and reset the tone of the conversation.


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