Principal Engagement #3 Content

In having a social media website you need to make sure that what is on it is unique, and interesting. You don’t want to make a site and discuss lizards when your business is about planes and jets. You want to make sure you keep it relevant and useful. The information on a page is going to be for your audience reading. You are not writing about what you want to read. The CEO of Jetsetter, Drew Patterson, discussed how Content plays a huge role on a site. He explains how he watches the quality of the partners that he shares. He also verifies the properties that are on his site. He stated at Kayak. Social media are taking pictures to the content role. Oreo has been doing that since before the blackout of the super bowl. Oreo has shown that you can make a lot of money on a little spent with their simple positing of pictures and captions. Content is important though as people will look at it and see why it is important to them or not. This could make for a bad social media campaign if the content isn’t aligning well.


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