Pre Engagement Principal #4 Integration

In today’s class we learned how integration with other tactics and media can happen. A company may have a campaign that is a product on the shelves. They may have television commercials that have a story that plays up to a point. At the end of this commercial may be a website to go to and watch how it ends. There are other ways of integrating social media, using Facebook or Twitter. I have a place I take my dog for grooming. In the months last summer they were fairly new. They had customer hole punch cards with the sixth bath being free. At 30$ a bath that is helpful to owners. The owners knew to get their name out in the web. They came up with telling customers that by going to the Smart Dogs grooming face book page and liking them and leaving a comment they would get a free hole punch. They could also get a second free hole punch by going to the yellow pages and leaving a comment as well. Having to fill 5 up just became 3 really with 2 free so that you could get that free one for less. They used social media and a customer card. There was one example we talked about in  class referring to a restaurant using social media, their campaign was so large that it attracted the attention of Bobby Flay of the Food Network. Loyalty cards are all over now in businesses to get more business. These days companies and small businesses have to use social media to get their name out there.


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