Pre Engagement Principal #2 Objectives

In class today we discussed objectives. There are five major types of objectives in social media. Listening, Talking, Energizing, Supporting and Embracing are all needed when you are setting organizational goals. These need to align with your business. Social media is having conversations on-line. Companies need to get involved with their customers. In the example of Facebook page, Chevy Silverado. This page encourages interactions with fellow truck owners who love this Chevy product to post pictures and to have conversation. Then in the example of the movie “Bully” campaign, they organized a site, used social media such as Twitter, and other celebrities to boost the movie. The site, was created. In a success this campaign raised awareness and fulfilled its objectives. There were two big events in this campaign, one where the movie received over 500,00 petition supporters, and an event called ” Anti-Bullying Twitter Tuesday“. Both of these were able to get the MPAA to lower the rating of the “Bully” from the rating of R to PG 13. I think this campaign did what it was designed to do. It successfully used the social media sites to make others aware that a movie was out there.  This movie was rated R due to strong language. The campaign two events kicked off the 27th of March and the movie was released the 30th of March. The social media helped with talking, energizing, supporting, this film so that it could be shown to its intended audience. The pre teens and teenagers of America.


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