Post Engagement Principle #1 Endurance

Today in class we learned about post-engagement. The first principle is Endurance. Being frequent and timely in important in social media. Companies need to focus on getting through the trying times and tuff ones in their business. They need to be their for conversations with their customers. In any situation they need to be there and ready to go, not just when the business is on top. Things may be running easy and a wrench falls into the machine, not running is important. Every minute, hour, or day counts. Days go by like weeks in time comparison. In some ways social media puts companies into a transpareny bubble, like a fish bowl. They are exposed and need to keep a monitor on all ongoings. The “Mission Control” or “War Room” In the military there was a war room were the generals and down would compile in a room with several screens stretching two floors and get to business to react to ongoings. In social media there are War Rooms to get the truth out when something false is going on, to listen to every comment, and monitor the consumers views. Companies need to be present before a crisis happens and keep on going like the Energizer Bunny.It is good for a company to have a plan to be ready for anything, like a binder with scenarios that may present. In the Air Force when sitting on the Security desk, there was a book called Quick Reaction Checklists. (QRCs) In any emergency the desk sargeant would open the book to the list needed to reference what steps to take in that situation that presented. Endurance and keeping tabs constantly on social media is a must at all times for companies.


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