One thing very important to a company is social media and the first step is listening. Listening is a very good point if you think about it. We do it with marriage, with children, and with any person we have a relationship with. According to socal media Listening is having a conversation online. Companies need to have focus groups, review blogs, other social media sties and such. They need to have a person or a company they can hire to keep track of the online chatter about them. I am enjoying this class. Though there are many blogs out there, I never really got on to many of them. About one that I know of. I also have a friend on Face book who is really good about communicating. She has a page for her plastics business she runs from home and another who talks about being a Mom. Motrin and Moms really should have done a focus group and thought more before following through with their foul up. Listen is a key to fiding out what the consumner wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. It can be a lifeline for a business.


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