World wide open

This class is great! I found it interesting just how huge blogs are. The number out there in the world filling out the cyber space. Someone can have just a small blog on the vas net, and make a huge impact. A spark to a flame. The good examples in class with the DVD codes and Digg, the GM ” Fast Lane” blog, and the “Go Dard Day” that killed the PIPA and SOPA acts. I love being able to research a product and look at the reviews before making a purchase. Social media has such a huge impact! People can learn so much on the internet as well. We learned about the different sites ( that have been coming and going. I never thought much about what has been and all the new ones that are replacing them. There seems to always be one to replace one, like MySpace and Facebook. Facebook is constantly working to stay in the now. They have instagram now, as well as you can sync it to many other things. Even opening this account on Word press they asked if I wanted my blog posts shared on Facebook  and Twitter. Corporations and businesses need to be in the media as print forms are a dying age. Newspapers and magazines are in decline these days. Blogs are people communicating online. People do lots of searches through different engines. It’s just a matter of learning to listen and use the social media out there as effective tools.


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